Monday, May 24, 2010

We need to find something better to do!

Once again, it appears that the Pakistani society has lost its collective shit. The Lahore High Court (LHC), which didn't have anything better to do, after getting done with all the rape, murder and corruption cases, made blasphemy by Facebook et al a top priority and issued an order that the website should be banned. The country’s Internet Big Brother, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which didn't have anything better to do having solved all of the country’s internet and telecommunication infrastructure problems, tested out its new banning website equipment. Extreme religious elements, which NEVER have anything better to do, are celebrating this decision by the court and are pushing that the government break all kind of ties with the countries whose citizens were involved in this "blasphemous" act. It should be mentioned here that some of these extreme religious elements do not recognize the courts in Pakistan and would like to see a Sharia based courts instead. Mainstream media hailed government actions to ban these pages; it seems the media has nothing better to do. All because some 50,000 odd people who had obviously nothing better to do, decided to draw Mohammed. The recent hullaballoo between the extreme right, extreme left, the center left, the center, the center right, the center-right-left, the left-right-center and all the other 32 flavors of Pakistani society, have nothing better to do than debate over this ban (including me).

When I was in grade 5, I used to be a chubby little kid and was teased a lot for it. Whenever anyone called me anything that would in any way alluded to my belly, I would just flare up. I would get angry would huff and puff and eat another sandwich, I obviously had nothing better to do. This continued throughout the whole year, one day was particularly bad, and even my dad noticed that I was down. He asked repeatedly, I didn't tell him, then he took me out and bought me a burger and coke. As diamonds are a girl’s weakness food was mine. I told him, with my mouth filled with fires, burger and ketchup dripping on my shirt, "Kids at school call me fat”, and I fought with one of them. Having an ice-cream after the meal, I told him how it bothered me when people made fun of me. He said, "The more you show a reaction, the more you get agitated the more these people will tease you. They do it primarily to get a reaction out of you, because it is that reaction that they enjoy. If you just ignore them, they would have no reason to call you anything anymore; they will get tired and find something better to do." He was right, grade 6 people continued to tease me, I would just ignore and even at times joke myself about it. Guess what??? ... It all stopped. It stopped. Other kids and I found something better to do. I even became friends with some of them, because they thought I was fun, and even got invited to play football (that is soccer to you Yankees) during recess.

I wish most of the Mullahs in Pakistan and all over the world had gone through grade 5.
My message over here is that if Muslims around the world want to be taken seriously, they need to find something better to do than to fuss over cartoons.
But here is the fact, why would they? The more I study religion the more I am convinced it is the brilliant way rallying the masses for a show of force. One abracadabra and people all of a sudden forget problems like education, healthcare, lawlessness and energy. These mullah who otherwise would have little influence in the Pakistani society have been able to rally a whole mob of Zion Hamid influenced zealots.

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