Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who Created Who? The Evolution of God

A lot of people ask me why I don’t believe in god. You tell me why you don’t believe in the big foot and I will tell you why I don’t believe in god. How stupid will it seem to pray to the big foot, die for the big foot or kill for the big foot? That is how stupid believing in a tyrant in heaven seems to me.
Of course the die hard theist will naively point to the theory that evidence all around us is testament to gods existence. The evidence all around us, being this world which would need a creator and the notion that science hasn’t been able explain creation. Here I fail to understand something. Just because science cannot provide reason for something doesn’t automatically make grounds for a creator. Just because evolution isn’t able to explain everything doesn’t mean that there is a god. Just because theory A might have some short comings, it doesn’t automatically legitimize theory B.
Man has always feared what it cannot understand. Man has always sought to provide reason to what he cannot explain. This amalgamation of fear and never ending desire to explain everything gives rise to concept of an all powerful deity. If something is there and you don’t know where it came from you have to pin a reason. This lack of knowledge gave rise to the myth of God.
Men worshiped fire, earth, water, sun, moon and stars. But when mankind understood the science behind them all we moved to another form of God. The God that cannot be seen cannot be heard. The concept of God started evolving. We worshipped these invisible gods. We started attributing anything we cannot explicate to this all knowing all powerful dictator.
God didn’t create Man. It was mans insecurity, fear and longing to explain the “explainable” that lead to myth of God. We created god to explain things couldn’t at the time.
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"Man is, and always has been, a maker of gods. It has been the most serious and significant occupation of his sojourn in the world."
-- John Burroughs
“It is not as in the Bible, that God created man in his own image. But, on the contrary, man created God in his own image.”
-- Ludwig Feuerbach
In due course of time when science starts explaining more and more of the “unexplainable” the dominion of “GOD” will start diminishing. This will give rise to a new form of “God”. One that will again exit in the realms of the unknown till science starts infringing upon this new gods territory. God will continue to exist through us in the unknown.


nimbu said...

Excellent post. Read Richard Dawkins, if you haven't already. He's got chapters dedicated to "God of the gaps".

Keep it up dude - keep on posting!


Abu Ali said...

Great Blog - thank you :)

brraju said...

Good one! In my opinion, the creation is just not the desire to explain away the things you have no knowledge of. It is mostly used as a stick to bring the flock together and submit. In a way, it is to hide the powerlessness of the leader but want sway power.

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Thoughtful Inquiry said...

I noticed that you haven't posted in almost a year. I really hope that you decide to post again soon. I have become a fan.

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AZ Ivzir said...

I like the post.. Am going to link it to mine... :)..

As for a group for atheists.. It already exists...

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