Monday, June 11, 2007


I am an ex-Muslim atheist. I was born and brought up in a Muslim family. During my childhood and throughout the major part of my teens I was made to recite the Quran every day (in Arabic and its Urdu translation). I used to pray 5 times a day. I started deviating from Islam at the age of 17. When I was 20 I declared myself an atheist in my closest circle of friends.
Why this transition. Well my college had a big part in it. It was there I learnt to think beyond what I was fed my whole life. I learnt to question the most basic of things and seek answers from an unbiased perspective. Eventually when you start questioning you will eventually stumble on one particular question. Is there a God?


rachel said...

oh man. they made me read the quran. it was sheer pain.

The Re-porter said...

its' a welcome change to see that at least we have one thing in common between India and pakistan... increase in the number of rational people... imagine if der was no God..most of our probs wud'nt b der..or at least we wud b fighting for real reasons...

Safdar said...

you should start writing again

Anonymous said...

//Aur Tum Apnay Raab ki Kon Kon si Chawaloon ko Chupaoo Gay//

Kessi din khud bhi maro gay aur hum saray atheist/agnostics ko bhi marwao gay.


Okay I am kinda, sorta under severe complex now.

You are too well read my friend. Too well read.

Go to hell ( if there exists any)

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