Thursday, June 24, 2010

Religion of their Forefathers

“Islamic State cannot allow propagation of any other religion because their religion is false and we are right”. When I hear this I sit back in awe of the belligerent stupidity of this claim. "I will not listen to you because I know you are wrong and I am right and I think you need to be saved". What makes Muslim Mullahs so sure that they are so God damn right? Do Muslim mullahs try to sound self-centered and moronic or does it come naturally to them. To Zakir Naik, "For them what you are saying is 2+2=22".

I get this attitude often among theists, this belief that we are right, everyone else is wrong, our imaginary friend is stronger, our tyrant in heaven is the only one and true dictator, our scripture is holy, everything else fake, our book has scientific evidence, we are better than you, our one soldier is equal to a 100 of yours, we are the chosen ones, we are destined to rule the world, we have God on our side and we have better chics and cuisines.
Why are you right and everyone else wrong?
Because as Muslims (replace with your favorite theist) we believe that we are right?
So you are right because you are a Muslim?

Why are you a Muslim? And how does that make you right?
I am a Muslim because I believe in Allah and The Prophet and The Quran.

Why do you believe in Allah, Mohammed and the Quran?
Because I am a Muslim.

That is circular, you’re a Muslim because you believe in the Quran and you believe in the Quran because you’re a Muslim. Why do you believe in the Quran and why are you a Muslim?
I don’t know, I always was a Muslim. I was born into a Muslim family.

Ahh there it is, you are a Muslim just by chance of birth.
But ….

Would you have been a Muslim if you were born into a Hindu family... you would have been advocating Hinduism and worshiping a blue monkey. Your advocating death for anyone who chooses to think on his own rather than side with his parents religion.
Listen anyone who has been a Muslim would know it is the right religion.

How can a new born know that? Tell me something, Quran criticizes the infidels of Mecca a lot, do you know why? Because according to the Quran "they refused to let go of the religion of their forefathers even when the truth was evident to them". What makes you think you’re not making the same mistake? Who is following the religion of their forefathers and who is making his own mind here? Who is the Momin and who is the Kafir here?

Just sheer chance of birth you have placed a line beyond which human reason shall not pass, after which human intellect shall not develop, above which human virtue shall not aspire. Whatever is beyond those lines is considered an act of treason and is met by the harshest of punishments.


Andy said...

Good post!

It's important to point out the wacky logic in any faith.

Pakistani Atheist said...

thanks checked out your blog. very funny good work.

abedar said...

Hello..just joined. Seriously, the most (rather, one of the many!) annoying thing about arguing with 'believers' is that there IS no argument. Does religion automatically take away the ability apply logic?!

Faraz said...

The two people I hate the most in the world: Zakir Naik and Harun Yahya.

It's not enough that they believe in something that's absolutely crap, they also want to attack established scientific facts to validate their bullshit.

Harris said...

Great post exactly my thoughts. See it kind of goes like this- The moment you are born you hear the Azaan in your ear, after that you are fed religious nonsense by your parents, than by your other family members, than by your school teachers, than by your mullah, than by your friends at school, than by your neighbors and society in general, than by television and news channels etc... so by the time you actually fully grow up its literally cemented inside your head and to try to understand anything remotely different than yours is something you possibly can not fathom.

Adithya said...

Bravo! I am glad to have stumbled across your blog and enjoyed reading it. I am an Indian writing to you from a city called Chennai in the south of the country. There was an article yesterday in the local papers here on a Facebook based Pakistani Atheist group and decided to google up some content on the activities there. Would like you to know that there are people like me who fight a similar battle here in India and I would like to express my solidarity with you.

Your piece was specific to questioning the arguments presented by Muslims however the logic you presented is applicable to all theists. I particularly appreciate your courage to present this view considering the high level of intolerance in an islamic state. I can relate to the dangers associated with this since I too grew up in a muslim country (UAE) and can understand why your true identity is withheld.

I am not an ex-muslim, luckily I was never forced to practice the religion of my ancestors (hinduism) either. My father was rational enough to question faith though I cant really claim that he is an atheist. I am one and a staunch atheist at that. The loudness of my voicing protests though have been seasonal ranging from sarcastic questioning to outright rebuttal. Off late I have been quite vociferous at bashing irrational theist claims and I must admit Facebook has been instrumental in reaching out across boundaries.

I welcome you to join my facebook profile as a friend - It would be my pleasure to have you participate in some of the discussions there. You might also get to see the ugly side of some falsely proclaimed tolerant religions like hinduism.

All the best with your effort.

ji said...

Hi, Hazrat,

out off topic:

you got mentioned on Richard Dawkins site= you are famous! :)

Best regards, keep it up.


Anown said...

ah, another example of rebels who take refuge in iconoclasticism, much more fashionably this time though. Arbitrating our soul, is a way of self mortification ; romantic yet mundane. The road is open and it will lead to wild place.

enough bs there. just tell me why are you guys trying to spread this atheism. and dont tell me your trying to MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE. fuck that. no one wants the world to be a better place.

UK - Unknown said...

ha ha ha... i cant believe it that zakir was so full of shit.

Raza said...

Well, just because of these mullahs, you don't have to turn into an atheist.

Check out my blog post

Hazrat NaKhuda said...

I did not say i turned into an atheist because of these mullahs. i wonder why you got this impression. Why did you turn into a Muslim?

Hazrat NaKhuda said...


Straw Mans slippery slope

I didn't say that "we guys" are trying to spread atheism. What do you mean by we guys.

about taking refuge in iconoclast-ism. What exactly am i taking refuge from? i have no idea where you are coming from dude. if you think that i am just being cool by not believing in God then i really don't know what to tell you.

Praveen Gopinath said...

nice reading.

people follow one particular set of instructions just because it's 'their' religion, however stupid it's.

A few years back, there was a 'miracle' in india, when they found out that idols of indian god ganesha was sipping up milk, from a spoon. I just argued with some friends, who fiercely fought back that it was a true miracle. within ours it was explained properly in TV channels that any object let alone idols does the same thing.

I am sure, my friends would have learned a lesson. But if the very next day, another miracle claim comes up in their religion, they will fiercely support it too. because it's their urge, to hold on to their things.

People never come out of it, and never learn.

sacramento satch said...

If one truly believes in religious freedom, one should be intelligent enough to accept the opinions of intelligent atheists. the universe hides nothing. So, secrets are those hidden by men from men. I believe the entire universe is alive with intelligent energy. This is the force that creates life itself. perfection cannot exist without imperfection. scientific calculations prove imperfections helped to ceate the universe. However, enternity/infinity does not calculate. Can we find the begin / end of a circle? Devine wisdom drives all of us toward evolutionary enlightenment !!
True Religions are driven by Devine wisdom

Kunwar Ali said...

It is easy. Why I choose to be a Muslim because the life style it has given ranging from moral values, social values, dealing with the poor, dealing with the woman are close to human psychology which means when I slap a stranger, I feel bad, when i see a poor, I feel bad and try to help him, when I get enough money,I try to spend it on others.

So if I do something and later on, find that it has been said already in some religion, then, I would definitely be interested. If it turns out to be Islam then I am Muslim. This
is why a msulim is Muslim. I don't know why it is so difficult to get.

Sorry for the typos!

no_gravity said...

my teaching were
no Religion
no Caste
no Border
no Race
no God

and for last 6 days


dremora lord said...

Faraz said...
The two people I hate the most in the world: Zakir Naik and Harun Yahya.

i thought atheist don't hate

Shabboo mian said...

Yes all religionist are blind followers of their ancestors and society, without using senses and pondering over universe. They are follower of their religious ideologies by birth and not by choice, wisdom , liberty.

haider said...

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Umair Mehmood said...

For the over smart people questioning Islam, they should know that Allah spread this religion of Islam with his Final Messenger Muhammad Peace be Upon Him. No messenger came after him. I ask the islamophobes how come Muhammad Peace be Upon him spread this religion all alone? You know this very right that mecca was filled with alot of idols and alot of strong clans...SO HOW COME MUHAMMAD (PBUH) CONQUERED ARAB, HOW CAN A CHILD BORN IN THE TRIBES OF ARAB GET PROPHECIZED ALONE WITH SUCH A REMARKABLE KNOWLEDGE EVEN THOUGH HE COULD NOT READ OR WRITE???


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